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My name is Jessica and I began working with children with special needs in 2000. Since then I have earned a B.S. in Psychology, a Teaching Credential in Special Education (K-12), as well as a Masters Degree in Special Education. My experience extends from home-based
therapies to both public and non-public school teaching, and from elementary through high school aged students. I have worked in the capacity of an interventionist/therapist, paraprofessional, teacher, and lead teacher on both the east and west coasts.
Currently I reside on the east coast teaching a class of K-5 Special Education students with moderate to severe disabilities.

 Through my experiences in working with students with disabilities I have developed a passion for finding ways for all students to participate not just in the classroom, but in daily life. This is most challenging for students who are non-verbal  or have limited communication abilities. As teachers we are constantly learning new ways to reach students. Technology is forever changing and offering new ways for our students to communicate and participate in the world around them.

As a Special Education Teacher, I am always looking for new methods or ideas that will help my students succeed. Special Education students vary so much individually, and each student’s particular needs are different. I hope to be a part of the Special Education community that can offer strategies, tools, printables, and resources that other Special Education teachers can find beneficial for their students. I will share what I have used in the past as well as new tools and technology I will use going forward.

Because EVERY learner should have a voice!

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